Unscented Bar Lotion

Unscented bar lotion is one of our all-natural nourishing bar lotions, solid at room temperature, are uniquely formulated with natural plant oils and vitamins to leave your skin looking moisturized, radiant, and healthy

Pamper your skin

with our all-natural nourishing bar lotions, solid at room temperature. Uniquely formulated with natural plant oils and vitamins, our bar lotions are the ideal solution to achieving moisturized, supple, and glowing skin. See the results for yourself – your healthy, radiant skin will thank you. Fragrance free but it have a natural scent of sweet cocoa butter!

All natural

handmade, easy to carry, nourishing, soothing, moisturizing, hydrating, lotion on the go, vegan, fragrance Free, hypoallergenic. Consult with your physician before use.

Rub on skin

Apply as needed. Please check the ingredient list if you are allergic something. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. For external use.

This is a lotion, made a bit differently. It is a solid block of ingredients listed below, in a bar form. Rub it on your hands and feet and feel your skin moisturized and healthy. Pretty easy to carry around, as the container is compact and slim.

Net weight: 1 oz/28 g

UPC Bar Code 721107347156

 Ingredients: Infused Annato seeds Sunflower/Coconut/Sesame seed oils/Cocoa/Shea/Mango butters,  Candelilla wax, UNSCENTED

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